chemistry questions and answers. Transcribed Image Text from this Question. Worksheet 16a (Gen Chem) E) Qualitative Interpretation of the Equilibrium Constant. 12- Indicate if the following reactions are product or reactant favored.
Any value above 352K is the answer. Sum of temperature times delta S must be over 58.1(total of delta H) so that gibbs free energy is 0 or less . Thus divide 58.2 by 0.165 to find energy needed for delta G =0 any temp above this will result in a negative (spontaneous reaction).
Worksheets: General Chemistry (Traditional) Worksheets: General Chemistry (Guided Inquiry) They cannot be completed in the 50 min class time so you are expected to finish them at home.. Kinetics (Worksheet) Buffers (Worksheet) Equilibria 1 (Worksheets)
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