New industrial CF card, good compatibility! Stable performance! Widely compatible with FANUC industrial control / CNC machine tools, industrial machine tools, medical equipment, advertising machines, soft routers, old-fashioned CF card digital cameras. Technical Parameters: 1, transmission speed: read speed about 20m / s, write speed about 10MB / s
Taizhou Songwei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. collocato Zhejiang,La Cina,purché CNC Controller di RiparazioneFanuc servizio di riparazione, FANUC unità di sistema, FANUC driver e di alimentazione, FANUC motore, FANUC PCB, FANUC encoder, FANUC IO, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi pcb, Mitsubishi inverter Export, dal più grande al mondo online B2B
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23 A02B-0281-K601 COMPACT FLASH CARD, 128 MB consumable parts 24 A02B-0303-C231 MACHINE OPERATOR PANEL consumable parts 25 MACHINE OPERATORA02B-0303-C245 PANEL+ consumable parts 26 A02B-0303-K150 COMPACT FLASH CARD consumable parts 27 A03B-0801-C141 DO MODULE OD64A I/O Units 28 A03B-0815-C001 I/O MODULE FORCONNECTOR I/O Units