Dec 18, 2020 · Flyin´ Miata NB Randall cowl intake duct for Mazda Miata (san jose north) $170 Genuine Mazda Miata NA 7-Spoke Polished 14x6 lightweight Miata wheels (mission district) $249 MAZDA MIATA 1.8 ENGINE JDM(60k Miles!)
The MSPNP2 Mazda Miata Plug and Play gives you control of ignition and the ability to run sequential fuel, plus some basic race features such as launch control and boost control. The included TunerStudio Lite software allows for real-time tuning and datalogging with your laptop connection.
In the past I've always put the best and brightest headlights and fogs on my sports cars. It's to easy to outrun the lights on a stock setup. Also being from rural North Carolina the chances of hitting a deer are way too real. (done that) So, my MSM is...
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